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  • aspire nautilus replacement tank 2

    Aspire Nautilus Replaceme..

    £3.99 excl VAT

    Aspire Nautilus Replacement Steel Tube is for 5ml Aspire Nautilus BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Airflow adjustable Pyrex Glass Clear Cartomizer/ Clearomizer.

    This is an original replacement stainless steel tube by Aspire. It is customized to replace the glass tank of the Aspire Nautilus. Completely made of stainless steel.

  • pockexglass

    Aspire PockeX Replacement..

    £3.32£3.50 excl VAT

    If you have dropped your PockeX and broken the glass you can simply purchase the replacement glass sleeve from us and have your PockeX as good as new again rather than buying a new unit.  The replacement tube comes in three colours –  Rose Gold, Silver, & Black.

    For replacement PockeX Coils – CLICK HERE

  • Aspire USB Charger

    Aspire USB Charger Cable ..

    £2.92 excl VAT
    This Aspire USB Charger cable can be used with any Aspire CF batteries (as well as most eGo style batteries). This is the genuine Aspire USB Cable. This Aspire USB Charger cable has a nice Aspire logo on it that is backlit with a red and green LED to indicate charging and charged status. Amperage output: 500 mA for the Aspire CF VV Batteries
    Spec:  Input: DC 5V – Output: DC 4.2V & 500mA or 1000 mA

  • aspire_uk_plug_1_500x500

    Aspire USB Wall Adapter U..

    £4.83 excl VAT

    Aspire USB Wall Adapter UK Plug.  1 Channel UK Wall Socket to USB Adapter.  Output: 5 Volts, 1 Ampere.

  • 18650-18350-battery-portable-plastic-clear

    Clear 18650 Battery Case..

    £1.75 excl VAT

    Clear plastic 18650 case to keep your 18650’s stored safely when traveling with room for two batteries.  18650 batteries are exceptional powerful and the last thing anyone wants is to have them short out in your bag or pocket. This clear plastic container will keep them safe and prevent them coming into contact with each other or conductible other objects.

  • Mini Blue Screwdrivers

    Coil Building Mini Screwd..

    £1.25 excl VAT

    2 x Crosshead and 1 x Flat Mini Screw-driver For E-Cigarette RDA coil building


    Coilology Framed Staple A..

    £7.00 excl VAT

    The Coilology Prebuilt Framed Staple Alien Coil are highly effective coil designs constructed with the convenience of ready-made pairs, removing the hassle of wire building and ready out of the box.  Each pre-made coil is precisely machined with consistent weave throughout the wire, utilizing Ni80 or KA1 heating elements.  Each Coilology Prebuilt Performance Coils comes in a pair of coils, with the addition of organic cotton pad for added convenience.


    Package includes:

    2 x Prebuilt Framed Staple Alien Coils

    1 x Organic Cotton Pad

    Protective Packaging Box

  • Framed staple

    Coilology Framed Staple P..

    £5.80 excl VAT

    Coilology Framed Staple Prebuilt coils x 10 – The outer wire is wrapped tightly and consistently, thus the e juice is less likely to escape from the gaps and will be vaporized, as a result spiltback is avoided effectively. With the Framed Staple coil, the surface area is increased, which enables better flavour and huger vapour production as well. This particular wire is ideal for customers that are looking for bigger size and low resistance coils.

    Package includes:  10 x Coilology Framed Staple coils.

  • Coilology Fused Clapton

    Coilology Fused Clapton C..

    £4.95 excl VAT

    Coilology Fused Clapton Coil – with this clapton wire, the surface area is increased, which enables better flavour and huge vapour production.  This wire is a dual round wire wrapped with 36ga (0.127mm) wire.  The outer wire is wrapped tightly, thus the ejuice is less likely to escape from the gaps and be totally vaporized, as a result spitback is avoided effectively.