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  • Sony VTC5 Battery

    Sony VTC5 18650 2600 mAh ..

    £7.25 excl VAT

    The Sony VTC5 18650 2600mAh Battery – 30 Amp is considered one of the go to batteries for Mech Mod and RBA users. Although this battery still can be ran in Variable Voltage Devices as well. This is the Flat top Variant of the battery.

    Battery Safety – Do not overcharge or leave charging unattended. Only use a suitable charger from a reputable brand (e.g. Nitecore) or the mod itself to charge batteries. Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket or bag, we recommend keeping your batteries in a protective case when not in use, see “You may also like” below.

  • Mini-subtank-replacement-tube

    Subtank Mini Replacement ..

    £3.33 excl VAT

    The Subtank Mini Clearomizer Glass Tube is a replacement Pyrex tube made specifically for the Subtank Mini. The Subtank Mini Clearomizer Glass Tube will not fit other versions of the Subtank.

  • Unicorn bottle 2

    Unicorn Bottle 30ml..

    £0.83 excl VAT

    Store your favourite e-liquids in this unicorn bottle and you’ll have a all day supply to take with you anywhere!  Keeps your liquids safe and keeps them from leaking, Child Resistance Cap, Slim, Convenient, Travel-Easy Design, Easy-Pour, Easy-squeeze, Narrow Drip Tip for Spill-Free Dispensing, Pressure Sealed Tested for Maximum Durability, Food grade bottles.   Perfect for filling atomizers, tanks and cartomizers, all vapers should grab a few of these! 3oml capacity.


  • Universal Took Kit 2

    Universal Coil Building T..

    4.50 out of 5
    £6.58 excl VAT

    This is a wonderful coil winding tool which also doubles as a phillips/flat head screwdriver. As few parts as possible, all packed into a small reusable storage case.

    E cigarette tools atomizer coil jigs kits contains: 1 x coil jig body, 2 x coil jig top caps, 1 x hexagonal spanner, 2 x screwdrivers (straight screwdriver and cross screwdriver), 4 x coil jig sticks (R2.0mm R2.5mm R3.0mm R3.5mm).


  • O rings Red

    Universal O Rings..

    £1.83 excl VAT

    Universal O Rings – should fit  most tanks, set of three rings

  • ego-usb-charger__12833_zoom_grande

    USB Charger Lead for E-ci..

    £1.63 excl VAT

    USB E-Cigarette Charger Lead

    Suitable for all popular brand E-cigarette Batteries including eGo & Vision Products

    Enables you to charge your E-cigarette batteries from any USB port.  Can also be plugged into the USB port on a wall pug adaptor (also available on this site) so that you can charge your E cig batteries directly from a mains socket.

  • Wall plug

    USB Charger Wall Plug Ada..

    3.00 out of 5
    £4.99 excl VAT

    USB E-Cigarette Charger 3 pin UK Wall Plug Adapter

    Suitable for all E-Cigarette USB Chargers

    Enables you to plug your Electronic Cigarette USB charger lead into the USB port on the adaptor so you can charge your E cig batteries directly from a mains socket.



    Uwell Crown III Replaceme..

    £4.90 excl VAT

    Full set of Uwell Crown III Replacement Seals and O-Rings