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  • Aspire USB Charger

    Aspire USB Charger Cable ..

    £2.92 excl VAT
    This Aspire USB Charger cable can be used with any Aspire CF batteries (as well as most eGo style batteries). This is the genuine Aspire USB Cable. This Aspire USB Charger cable has a nice Aspire logo on it that is backlit with a red and green LED to indicate charging and charged status. Amperage output: 500 mA for the Aspire CF VV Batteries
    Spec:  Input: DC 5V – Output: DC 4.2V & 500mA or 1000 mA

  • aspire_uk_plug_1_500x500

    Aspire USB Wall Adapter U..

    £4.83 excl VAT

    Aspire USB Wall Adapter UK Plug.  1 Channel UK Wall Socket to USB Adapter.  Output: 5 Volts, 1 Ampere.

  • Eleaf-Micro-USB-Cable

    Eleaf Micro USB Cable..

    £3.00 excl VAT

    Cable for charging the Eleaf iStick batteries, iTaste mods.
    Charges and data transfers, can also be used in pass through mode with your istick while plugged into your computer.
    Price is for one lead in simple packaging.

  • itaste-micro-usb-charging-cable_7265

    Innokin Micro USB Chargin..

    £2.49 excl VAT

    A spare micro usb cable branded by Innokin with the iTaste logo. This can be used to charge your Innokin electronic cigarette batteries as well as any other branded product that takes a micro usb cable.

    Branded with the iTaste logo
    1 metre length
    Colour: White

  • car charger

    Mini USB Car Charger..

    £3.29 excl VAT

    Mini USB Car Charger

    Turn your car cigarette lighter into a USB charge port.

    Handy device to charge your E-Cigarette battery when you’re on the go.

    Input: DC12V-24V – Material: ABS. Aluminium Alloy – Output: DC5v 1A

  • ego-usb-charger__12833_zoom_grande

    USB Charger Lead for E-ci..

    £1.63 excl VAT

    USB E-Cigarette Charger Lead

    Suitable for all popular brand E-cigarette Batteries including eGo & Vision Products

    Enables you to charge your E-cigarette batteries from any USB port.  Can also be plugged into the USB port on a wall pug adaptor (also available on this site) so that you can charge your E cig batteries directly from a mains socket.

  • Wall plug

    USB Charger Wall Plug Ada..

    3.00 out of 5
    £4.99 excl VAT

    USB E-Cigarette Charger 3 pin UK Wall Plug Adapter

    Suitable for all E-Cigarette USB Chargers

    Enables you to plug your Electronic Cigarette USB charger lead into the USB port on the adaptor so you can charge your E cig batteries directly from a mains socket.