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  • Ekowool wicking material

    EKOwool Wicking Material ..

    £3.50 excl VAT

    Ekowool is made of silica fibers, it is rather different than the Chinese made Silica wick. One of the huge advantages of ekowool is the fact that it is braided. This leaves a hollow tube through the center.  Utilizing the hollow center allows you to stick a paper clip down the center. This stabilizes the wick while you wrap your coil; which is great for beginners.  Much like cotton, ekowool wicks up e-juice faster and offers faster wicking. Compared to silica wick, ekowool provides better wicking, better flavor, and is easier to work with.

  • Alien Clapton Coil

    Geek Vape Alien Clapton C..

    £3.33 excl VAT
    Geek Vape Alien Clapton Coil (2pcs/Pack) for DIY vapors

    Features: Ready and easy to use, well wrapped, high quality wire, DIY friendly

    Parameters: Material: Kanthal A1 (26GA x 16GA + 30GA), Resistance: 0.2ohm, Wrap: 5, ID: 2.5mm, Finished wire size: 1.2mm x 1.75mm

    Contents: 1 x 2pcs GeekVape Prebuilt Alien Clapton Coil

  • 10ft-geekvape-clapton-ss316-tape-wire-diy-coils-28ga

    Geek Vape Clapton SS316 T..

    £4.33 excl VAT

    GeekVape Clapton SS316 Tape Wire (26GA + 30GA) – 10ft.  Suitable for building TEMP control coils. Good choice for DIY fans.  Features:  Clapton SS316, High quality wire, DIY friendly.  Content:  1 x GeekVape Clapton SS316 Tape Wire (26GA + 30GA).

  • Geekvape-kanthal-a1-28ga 30-feet

    Geek Vape Kanthal A1 28GA..

    £1.60 excl VAT

    High quality Kanthal A1 28GA Standard Wire

    Ideal for building custom RDA/RTA twisted wire coils, convenient to build & Produces huge vapor

  • Geekvape prebuilt coils 2

    Geek Vape Prebuilt Clapto..

    3.00 out of 5
    £3.25 excl VAT

    Want to make some Clapton coils for your preferred rebuildable device but don’t want to create your own Clapton wire and wrap them? If so, then these prebuilt Clapton coils are the perfect go to for easy and quick Clapton coils.

    Each option of prebuilt Clapton coils are available in a range of wire sizes, coil styles, ohms, and wire type:

    • 26 AWG/32AWG
    • 28AWG Parallel/32AWG
    • 26AWG Nichrome (Ni80)/32AWG (KA1)
    • 28AWG Twisted/32AWG

  • geekvape-caterpillar-track-wire

    Geekvape Caterpillar Trac..

    £4.92 excl VAT

    Geekvape Prebuilt Caterpillar Track wire (28ga*4+30ga) 10ft.  Features:  1. High quality wire, 2. DIY friendly.  Content: 1x Geekvape Prebuilt Caterpillar Track wire (28ga*4+30ga)


  • Geek vape Clapton Wire

    Geekvape Clapton Wire (Ka..

    £4.83 excl VAT

    15ft GeekVape Clapton Atomizer DIY Kanthal KA1 Tape Wire (28GA * 2 + 32GA), is the updated DIY Kanthal material from Geekvape, best option for DIY fans.

    Parameters: Length: 15ft, Materials: Kanthal A1 28GA * 2 and 32G

  • Geek-vape-cotton-2

    Geekvape Japanese Organic..

    £2.92 excl VAT

    GeekVape Squares of Japanese Organic Cotton 100% aseptic packaging. 5 sheets in one bag, ideal item to rebuild wicks. Cultivated at USDA certified organic farm, repacked at dust free workshop.  100% Japanese Organic Cotton, pesticide free, never bleached or chemically treated.  Parameters:  Material: Pure Organic cotton, Size: 60 x 80mm.

  • juggernaut_wire

    Geekvape Juggernaut KA1 W..

    £5.75 excl VAT

    Geekvape Juggernaut KA1 Wire {(28ga+38ga)*2+Ribbon(38ga*24ga)*3m}.  Features: 1. High quality wire, 2. DIY friendly.  Content: 1x Geekvape Juggernaut wire {(28ga+38ga)*2+Ribbon(38ga*24ga)*3m}.