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  • 10ft-geekvape-clapton-ss316-tape-wire-diy-coils-28ga

    Geek Vape Clapton SS316 T..

    £4.33 excl VAT

    GeekVape Clapton SS316 Tape Wire (26GA + 30GA) – 10ft.  Suitable for building TEMP control coils. Good choice for DIY fans.  Features:  Clapton SS316, High quality wire, DIY friendly.  Content:  1 x GeekVape Clapton SS316 Tape Wire (26GA + 30GA).

  • Geek Vape Kanthal A1 26ga-15ft

    Geek vape Kanthal A1 Wire..

    £3.00 excl VAT

    GeekVape Atomizer DIY Kanthal A1 Tape Wire, is the high quality DIY roll coil with anti-scattering design. Good choice for atomizer DIY lovers!

    Material                    Length         AWG
    Kanthal A1                    15ft              26ga

  • geek-vape-multi-functional-ceramic-tweezer-50d

    Geek Vape Multi-functiona..

    £2.92 excl VAT

    GeekVape Multi-functional Ceramic Tweezer, is an affordable, practical tool for every vaper. With this tweezer, adjusting coils can be done easily while firing. It also helps you to tighten or loosen tanks.

    Tighten and loosen atomizers –  using it to adjust coils, tighten or loosen atomizers.  Geekvape multi-functional ceramic tweezers solves this problem, with 7-24mm flexible material handle.

    Adjust coils – The tips of ceramic tweezer are made of bio-medical-grade zirconia ceramic material.  With great toughness, insulated and heat resistant, it is perfectly convenient for atomizer coil adjustment.

  • 521 kit

    Geekvape 521 Master Kit V..

    £34.08 excl VAT

    The Geekvape 521 Master Kit V2 is one of the most comprehensive DIY kits for RTA/RDA, featuring the quintessential elite-level 521 Tab Mini Ohm Meter, slotted screwdriver, cross screwdriver, elbow pliers, diagonal pliers, scissors, and ceramic-tip tweezer. Inspired by the Coil Master DIY Full Kit V2, the Geek Vape 521 Master Kit includes a full suite of tools necessary for all building enthusiasts, whether for everyday usage or experimentation. The Geek Vape 521 Tab Mini features an elite level ohm meter with precise accuracy, test fire station, OLED Screen and spacious build deck. It is equipped with high grade Brass-Plated 510 elastic poles, the Geek Vape 521 Tab offers supreme durability and contact, offering readings down to 0.01ohms with precise ratings for accurate readouts. The 521 Tab Mini utilizes a single 18650 battery with three-way selector that allows users to switch from off, to ohm reader position, and firing setting capable of firing atomizers down to 0.1ohm. A convenient package allows optimal coil maintenance and general vape care, with all types of gadgets for handling all rebuildable adjustments, flush cutters, wire cuts, wicking management, and a huge array of capabilities. An essential compact case for all building enthusiasts, the Geek Vape 521 Master Kit V2 is a tool kit that has it all.

    Package includes: 1 x 521 Tab Mini, 3 x Slotted screwdrivers (φ1.4, φ2.0, φ2.8), 3 x Phillips screwdrivers (φ1.8, φ2.4, φ3.0), 1 x Elbow Tip Nipper Pliers, 1 x Diagonal Pliers, 1 x Scissors, 1 x Ceramic Tip Tweezer, 1 x Carry Case.

  • geekvape-caterpillar-track-wire

    Geekvape Caterpillar Trac..

    £4.92 excl VAT

    Geekvape Prebuilt Caterpillar Track wire (28ga*4+30ga) 10ft.  Features:  1. High quality wire, 2. DIY friendly.  Content: 1x Geekvape Prebuilt Caterpillar Track wire (28ga*4+30ga)


  • Geek vape Clapton Wire

    Geekvape Clapton Wire (Ka..

    £4.83 excl VAT

    15ft GeekVape Clapton Atomizer DIY Kanthal KA1 Tape Wire (28GA * 2 + 32GA), is the updated DIY Kanthal material from Geekvape, best option for DIY fans.

    Parameters: Length: 15ft, Materials: Kanthal A1 28GA * 2 and 32G

  • authentic-kanthal-a1-geekvape-clapton-heating-wire-for-rba-atomizers-silver-28ga-x-2-32ga-5m-15-feet

    Geekvape Clapton Wire Kan..

    £4.83 excl VAT

    10ft GeekVape Clapton Atomizer DIY Kanthal KA1 Tape Wire (26GA * 2 + 32GA) is well twisted with double kanthal wires which brings more vapor and better vaping experience. Good choice for coil DIY fans.

    15ft GeekVape Clapton Kanthal KA1 Tape Wire (28GA x 2 + 32GA) is the updated DIY Kanthal material from Geekvape. Best option for DIY fans.

  • Geekvape-Coil-Jig-Screwdriver-set-2

    Geekvape Coil Jig & ..

    £4.08 excl VAT

    With all tools constructed of stainless steel, the Coil Jig & Screwdriver Kit by Geek Vape includes a total of 11 screwdrivers, all in different diameter and style, this versatile kit will make rebuilding your atomizers more simple and easy.  Package Contents: 5 x Philips Screwdrivers, 5 x Flathead Screwdrivers,1 x Allen Screwdriver.

  • Geek-vape-cotton-2

    Geekvape Japanese Organic..

    £2.92 excl VAT

    GeekVape Squares of Japanese Organic Cotton 100% aseptic packaging. 5 sheets in one bag, ideal item to rebuild wicks. Cultivated at USDA certified organic farm, repacked at dust free workshop.  100% Japanese Organic Cotton, pesticide free, never bleached or chemically treated.  Parameters:  Material: Pure Organic cotton, Size: 60 x 80mm.