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  • Horizon_Arctic_BTDC_II_1024x1024

    Arctic HorizonTech BTDC I..

    £7.50 excl VAT

    Authentic Bottom Turbine Dual Coil Replacement Heads for Horizon Arctic Subohm Tank. The BTDC made out of 100% American Kanthal wire and 100% organic cotton. Each coil has four intake holes at the base to enhance flavors.

  • Artic Temp Sensing coil

    Arctic Pure Nickel 200 Te..

    £10.00 excl VAT

    These are the new Arctic Pure Nickel 200 coils by Horizon that comes in pack of 5. Compatible with your Arctic Tank. The vertical coil structure and diameter is optimized for increased vapor production, flavor, and durability. These coils are also manufactured using organic cotton for a purer taste, and feature extra wide wicking ports for efficient, and fast wicking. Each coil measures 0.2 ohms.

  • Horizon_arctic_turbo_ni200_replacement_coil_heads_silver_03_ohm_5_pcs_

    Horizon Arctic Turbo Ni20..

    £6.63 excl VAT

    The Horizon Arctic Turbo Ni200 Replacement Nickel Coils are 100% authentic in quality and brand! Made with high-grade nickel (Ni-200) alloy wire, these replacement coils are generally used because of their ability to weather exceedingly high temperatures and retain their effectiveness.  These coils also provide tailored vapor temperature control allowing you to increase the temperature of the atomizer coil for warmer hits, or decrease it for cooler ones. In addition, your favorite E-Liquids will produce prominent flavors along with massive vapor clouds.  Small in size, but packed with power, you’ll have coils made of 100% organic cotton and an available resistance of 0.3oHms. The Horizon Arctic Turbo Ni200 Replacement Coil Heads are compatible with the Arctic Turbo tank.

    Package Contents:
    5 x Horizon Arctic Turbo Ni200 Replacement Coil Heads (0.3 oHms)

  • Arctic Turbo bottom_sextuplet_coils

    HorizonTech Arctic Turbo ..

    £6.63 excl VAT

    The Horizon Arctic Turbo Sextuplet Coil Head features triple independent chambers with dual vertical coils for maximum vapor production and vapor. This allows you to use one, two or three coils if you so please. If one burns out you can either replace that coil or put one of the included coil stoppers in and just keep on vaping.   Replacement Coil for Horizon Arctic Turbo

     Product Features: Resistance: one coil – 0.6 ohm, two coils – 0.4 ohm, three coils – 0.2 ohm, Optimal Wattage: 40~120W, Bottom Sextuplet Coil, Dual Vertical Coil, 100% Organic Cotton.

    Package Contents: 5 x Arctic Turbo 0.6 ohm Dual Coil Atomizer Head

  • Arctic Horizon Tech Bottom triple clapton coil

    HorizonTech Arctic Turbo ..

    £6.63 excl VAT
    Arctic Turbo Replacement Coils By Horizon (5-pack)
    1.5 Ohm Per coil – 3 coils will drop the resistance to 0.5 Ohms