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    Hustler Juice E-Liquid &#..

    £12.50 excl VAT

    Hustler Juice is a range of handpicked flavours designed to deliver rich and sweet fruity tastes that are smooth and very satisfying. Try it today!


    Bold – Take your taste buds for a spin with this chilled tropical mix of three varieties of sweet, succulent and fragrant mangoes – which perfectly blends the taste and captures its rich profile.

    Cool – Experience the real taste of fresh sweet mango juice blended with fresh blackcurrant flavor, with a hint of mint that gives the cold taste. Blow your taste buds with this perfect combination.

    Cunning – Excite your senses with this sparkling and refreshing burst of lime inspired citrus blend.

    Daring – This hand-picked flavour delivers the rich and sweet taste of vine-ripened juiciness of grapes with every puff that is smooth and satisfying.

    Smart – Classic flavour that you’d expect from fresh orchard apples bursting with juice, a little bit of tartness and perfectly honey-crisp sweet finish.

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