Facts on the EU Tobacco Products Directive

The EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is a set of rules, agreed and implemented across all European Union member states, which specifies how e-cigarette products can be manufactured, presented and sold.

E-Liquid Bottle size

Only 10ml Bottles are allowed and these must have a nib on the bottle over 1cm long and when held upside down will not drop more than 20 drops of liquid per minute.

Nicotine strength of E-liquid

Consumers can buy e-cigarettes in a range of strengths. For e-cigarettes classified as consumer products, the maximum threshold of nicotine is 20mg per ml. This concentration has been shown to be adequate for the majority of smokers that use an e-cigarette to substitute smoking.

Zero Nicotine E-Liquid

The Directive only covers e-cigarettes which contain nicotine.

Clearomizer Size

Cleromizers will be restricted to 2ml capacity.


The Directive foresees a transitional period to give companies time to adapt to the new legislation and to sell off existing stocks.  There will be a 12 month grace period from 20th May 2016- 20th May 2017 for the sale of existing non-compliant stock to be sold.