After smoking 30 a day since the age of sixteen, trying every stop smoking method and thinking he would never be able to give up smoking, our Managing Director discovered E-Cigarettes.  He felt the health benefits immediately and never smoked again.  Being amazed by this wonderful new product we decided to spread the word and started importing devices, very small scale at first but slowly building to the vast range we stock today.  We were one of the first UK E-cigarette Wholesalers and have grown to be one of the largest with a reputation for great customer service as well as amazing prices.  We are firm believers in the health and lifestyle benefits of e-cigarettes and our aim is to stock every shop in the land with everything a vaper could possibly need, encouraging the use of e-cigarette for all smokers.

Vaportiser Limited is a thriving British business; we are registered in England and Wales under registration number 9469236. Incorporation date 03/03/2015.  Our VAT number is 208200163.